Work is steaming ahead on our three new Drop-in Centres for orphans and vulnerable children in 3 separate remote villages close to Mt. Frere in the Eastern Cape.  Working hand-in-hand with the Homeless And Poor People’s Initiative (HAPPI), these ASAP funded community-build and skills training projects, are similar to those completed last year at Mamohau and Itekeng near the border with Lesotho.  These new arrivals will be located at Beja, Sinyaqa, and Njijini, and are expected to be completed in the next few months.  We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

You can go on a fascinating photo journey, meet some extraordinary local characters and follow the entire construction process by clicking through HAPPI’s album.  Photo by Malcolm Worby.


Njijini, with the walls on their way and the windows and door frames in place.