• ASAP recognises both the need for lasting change and the reality that it can only come from within communities. Therefore we choose an integrated approach – the Asset-based Community Development (ABCD) methodology. ABCD puts communities at the centre of any intervention, because we understand that that is where the best answers already are, and where the potential for lasting change lies.
ASAP - Developing Resilient Communities
  • Thanks to almost two decades of hands-on experience in community development, ASAP has learnt to identify and boost individuals and groups who are in touch with their motivation and working towards positive change with whatever meagre means available to them. ASAP supports these change-makers with individual, technical, organisational and programmatic capacity building as well as resources to create positive impact in their communities. This ‘bottom up’, rather than ‘top-down’ approach has proven to be the most effective way to empower community owned, sustainable development.


  • ASAP field staff are trained in Non-Violent Communication, a tool which supports facilitation in a non-confrontational, yet firmly supportive way.


  • ASAP - Greenlight MovementASAP is a member of the Greenlight Movement and utilises the Stoplight Poverty M&E tool which perfectly boosts the ABCD approach with its metrics and methodology.

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