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  • ASAP includes an asset based community development approach as we strengthen existing solutions to care of orphaned and vulnerable children in deeply rural communities.
  • We aid CBOs in thinking and taking action through facilitated workshops to develop their own sustainable long term solutions. We are committed to process driven development.
  • Our relationship with rural community groups can be characterised as a partnership with a shared vision.
  • Our proven development model informs our response to the development goals of each unique CBO.
  • Local stakeholders (the chief, elders, government) are all engaged in each step of our partnerships with local communities to ensure buy in.
  • Our development practitioners speak the local languages of Xhosa and Sotho fluently and embody a deep respect and understanding of local cultures.
  • Our field office is in Matatiele because we form long term relationships with communities, the nature of which changes over time. We are committed to working in this region.
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