Gender Based Violence (GBV)

Everyone has the right to bodily and psychological integrity, which includes the right (a) to make decisions concerning reproduction; and (b) to security in and control over their body.

– South Africa’s Bill of Rights

Despite having some of the most progressive legislation in the world, gender inequality, female abuse and societal attitudes remain prominent challenges in South Africa, with rural areas lagging far behind other areas in terms of progress in the fight against GBV. This is due to lack of access to services, limited resources, lack of trained prosecutors, doctors, police and social workers, as well as prevailing norms and stigma.

ASAP aims to increase the safety of women and children in rural villages by supporting the capacity of change makers as individuals and community groups to prevent and respond to GBV by:

  • Working with tribal and other community leaders as drivers of change
  • raising awareness of and reducing incidents of GBV, specifically domestic violence, rape and oppressive patriarchal norms,
  • increasing the reporting of cases and conviction of perpetrators,
  • increasing psychosocial and other support for survivors and
  • increasing GBV networks and partnerships inside and outside the rural villages

 GBV is integrated as a cross-theme in all of ASAP’s programmes.

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