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Who is ASAP?

African Solutions to African Problems identifies rural women caring for orphans and vulnerable children in their communities and develops their skills and knowledge so that they are able to create sustainable community care centres tending to the children’s health and wellbeing.

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Your donation can make a difference to the lives of the women and children in the rural Eastern Cape of South Africa.

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The spirit of volunteerism sets ASAP apart from other organisations. Together we can make a difference.

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Community Based Organisations

We work mainly in the deeply rural Eastern Cape area around Matatiele. Each community based organisation has a community care centre, organic food garden, chicken coops, a playground for the children and on-going developments to ensure sustainability.

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ASAP development practitioners engaged the women of Nonkqubela CBO (Zitapile village) in a facilitated workshop to focus on their vision and mission as they work towards defining their activities for the year in caring for the OVC of their village. They were heartened that all 10 of the caregivers were on the same page in terms of wanting to provide quality care to OVC so that they an become "healthy, educated, happy and respectful."
Well done Nonk! We look forward to working with you this year to make that happen!
Zitapile village is the most remote village with which ASAP works. Poverty stricken and without easy access to services, these caregivers are among the most tenacious survivors we have the pleasure of supporting.
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At a recent facilitated meeting with the community from Zitapile village, the Board Chair of their CBO commented: “If I come to you and I say I am hungry and you go to the river and catch a fish for me then give it to me to cook and eat, you are not helping me. Rather teach me how to catch that fish myself so that tomorrow when I am hungry, I will know how to feed myself”.

It's a very powerful result when a community comes to the point of mobilising and taking action to improve their circumstances for the benefit of their children. These are the communities we get behind and support. We view it thus:

"Out of the diversity of “voices” we find the richness of conversations, and out of our rich conversations spring the relationships, ideas and impulses for change. We are social
beings and it is through our many voices in many conversations that we are most social. How authentic voices are brought, received, engaged with, and supported makes a world of difference to the quality of conversation, to human engagement, and to the contribution we each can make to processes of change." Nomvula Dlamini (2013)
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Engaging in creative pursuits strengthens communities and brings a lightness to the hearts of children who experience incredible challenges daily. It creates time outside of chores to bond with caregivers and check in with young children on their emotional well-being.
Local Matatiele resident Tracy Spriggs regularly donates recyclable items to ASAP. We recently gave Rea CBO art supplies and "oddjects" to be used as part of their on-going after school care efforts, knowing full well how much fun the children have expressing themselves creatively. Pictured here are 2 of the children who loved having fun decorating their tins to be used in their homes.
Thank you Tracy. Every little bit counts and this generosity and thoughtfulness helped to lift the spirits of some very worthy children. And by all accounts the caregivers at Rea had a blast too!
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