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Board Members

The board is comprised of a talented team of professionals working together to accomplish ASAP’s goals and mission.

Susan Crewe

Chair of the Board

has been a supporter of ASAP for many years and has accompanied Priscilla Higham on visits to Community Based Projects in the Eastern Cape.  She has  also been on the fund-raising committee in the UK and was elected as Chair of the Board of Trustees in July 2015. Sue is an award winning  writer and journalist and for 21 years was the Editor of House & Garden magazine. Through the magazine she spearheaded several fundraising campaigns for causes as diverse as Water Aid, The Rehabilitation of Addicted Prisoners Trust, Maggie’s Cancer Care and the Millennium Seed Bank Appeal. As a grandmother herself she feels a particular affinity with the Grandmothers in South Africa who are caring for their orphaned grandchildren and other vulnerable children.

Noah Fischel

Director of US Operations

Founding member of WILD FM Youth Radio in Sydney, Australia. Served as Vice President of Fourth Down, a community organization benefiting children and youth at risk. He has volunteered for ASAP since 2004 when he opened an office in his house in Hudson and registered ASAP as a 501(c)(3).

Priscilla Higham


Founder and Programme Director of ASAP, she first began working with women caring for orphans and vulnerable children in 2000 while working as a journalist in Nairobi. Founded ASAP in 2003 in South Africa.

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Mbali Thubisi


works in the insurance industry as an Actuarial Specialist. She’s always found fulfillment when engaging in community projects. Initially attracted to ASAP’s Model, she finds the focus on sustainability, empowerment and capacity building interventions inspiring. 

Andre Titus


holds a Chemical Engineering degree and a MBA from the University of Cape Town.  The first 10 years of his career was within Process and Production Management roles and the last 4 years were spent within the Sales and Distribution environment.  He is passionate about South Africa and wants to play an active role in supporting its youth and the less fortunate.