A heartfelt thanks to all of our friends–both new and old–for coming together to support ASAP in honor of World Hunger Day! The campaign, Feed 1 Child With 1 Click, earned African Solutions over 900 LIKES on our growing Facebook page. That means that over 900 of the 7,600 meals we provide at rural drop in centers were essentially donated by YOU last week! New fans emerged from around the globe, from Thailand to Canada, Sweden to Brazil. Because of our loyal donors and the diligence of our new fans, our first LIKE campaign was an overwhelming success. As the children chowed down on hot plates of semp and beans, spinach, cabbage, carrots, soup, and potatoes last week, rest assured they were thinking of you. And stay tuned: soon we’ll be posting Thank You notes from some of the children you helped feed! Meanwhile, in a few of the many languages you’ve supported us in, ASAP would like to say:
Gracias! Merci! Arigato! Enkosi! Spacibo! Takk! Asante! Bitteschön! Danke! THANK YOU!