In honor of World Hunger Day on October 16, we are launching our first Facebook LIKE campaign. It’s a simple premise: For every LIKE we get on Facebook, a child will be given a hot, nutritious meal. We’re reaching out to our super supporters and asking you to do the following:

1. Set aside 5 minutes on October 16, or on any day of the following week.

2. Copy & paste the following into your Facebook status:

This World Hunger Day: Feed 1 Child With 1 Click. Each week, African Solutions to African Problems (ASAP) provides 7,600 hot, nutritious meals to orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa. For many it’s their only meal of the day. On World Hunger Day, and for the following week, with every LIKE you give on Facebook, a child will get a meal … what’s not to like about that? Go to and please, repost!

3. Consider updating your Facebook status multiple times throughout the week. After all, the more often you update your status, the more children you’ll be able to help.

4. Email and/or Facebook message your entire contact list and ask them to do the same. We realize that asking you to reach out to ALL of your contacts is a tall order. But if you join us in this concentrated push, we know that we will see big gains in the number of people that ASAP can reach online. And with more reach comes the ability to do more good.

5. Sit back. Feel great. You’ve done your good deed for the day. And if you wake up tomorrow and feel like doing good AGAIN, keep reposting!