As promised, the new community centers in 2 of our CBO’s have been built, thanks to the inspiration, hard work, and design by HAPPI, as well as the tireless brick-making, hay-baling, mud-slinging, building, cleaning and painting by the dedicated villagers of both Mamohau and Itekeng Batswadi. Here’s a quick look at the incredible endeavor, from beginning to end:

Breaking Ground

Making great progress with mud bricks.

The Finished Building

What have been created are beautiful, durable buildings that showcase the skill and dedication of the local men and women who helped build them. The opening celebration was a thrilling, joyous event. The Mamohau and Itekeng women wore their best shwe shwe uniforms. And there to support them, hundreds of children, chiefs and headmen, and villagers sang and danced and feasted in Masupha and Thabaneg. Excitement and pride rang out in the valley.

In one year, HAPPI and the villagers on an uneven patch of land have created a beautiful, functional drop in centre that will benefit the orphans and other villagers for years to come. So far we’ve heard nothing but glowing reports from the community group leaders, and most importantly, the kids are no longer eating under a tree, but are inside, sitting on benches at tables where after lunch they can do their homework.

A huge thanks to all the fundraising and support that made these community centres possible.