Community Based Organisations

Hillside CBO rests against the mountain in the hard to reach Nyaniso village, with panoramic views of a beautiful but harsh landscape. There are 154 orphaned and vulnerable children ASAP supported children here. There are 15 caregivers who are developing their abilities to improve the lives of their children. A fenced vegetable garden provides nutritious food and it is the ambition of the community to learn small business management skills to extend ways of accessing resources in order to sustain their efforts.

Sinikithemba CBO (previously called Bhubesi) is in the same Nyaniso village, which is spread across mountains and through valleys. The dirt roads are poor and it’s very slow going to get to the community care centre from which the CBO works. There is an adjacent fenced good garden and 15 dedicated caregivers who work the land and care for the 162 children. The women’s ambition is to develop a vegetable and chicken micro-enterprise and they’ve already shown remarkable aptitude for resourcing their work.

Nonkqubela CBO is in the extremely remote and hard to reach village of Sitapile. Perched on the top of a tall mountain, and often snowed in in Winter, the 10 caregivers of Nonkqubela are challenged with a lack of easily accessible water, improved by the donation of a water tank by ASAP and a borehole which has been sunk close to the newly established vegetable garden. The 102 children who attend the centre enjoy the care and attention they receive, and now have blankets, mattresses and uniforms to guard against the inclement weather.

Reahasetjhaba CBO is based in the sprawling village of Pontseng. Rea has experienced many challenges in the past few years and have developed an incredible capacity for resilience in the face of these challenges. There are 118 children who receive care from 10 dedicated caregivers who also work a productive organic food garden.

Previous partners which are now independent of ASAP: Mamohou CBO, Sakhikamva CBO

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