Food Gardens

ASAP - Community Development’Empowering rural villages by localising food security’

In response to the extreme poverty and the nutritional needs in the areas served by ASAP, food gardening training courses and assistance in the establishment of food gardens are provided.

The ASAP team’s foundation processes encompass negotiating for tribal trust land on which to establish food gardens, fencing and, if necessary, the sinking of boreholes. Food gardens are predominantly linked to CBO Drop-in centres, with the bulk of the food adding to the OVC nutrition program and excess sold to local communit members.

Training is conducted in all aspects of organic food gardening such as seasonal planting, crop rotation and companion planting. After an initial intensive food gardening training course, weekly monitoring of fledgling gardeners ensures success. Implements and seeds are also provided with which to start gardens and progress is monitored with weekly visits, problem solving, advice and assistance assured where needed.


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