OVC Basic Human Rights

‘Giving every child their chance in life’

87% of households in the area where we work are food insecure – they do not have access to nutritious food regularly. ASAP responds to the immediate needs of the orphaned and vulnerable children by providing a nutritious, after school meal. OVCs are screened during this time for healthcare and psychosocial needs, with follow-up home visits and access to clinics and trauma counselling.

In South Africa children may not attend school without a uniform or birth certificates. We provide each child with a full school uniform so they can access education with dignity, and train caregivers in the processes needed to obtain birth certificates from the Home Office.

ASAP’s in-house counselor trains CBO caregivers for lay counseling, directly helps children process their emotions through play therapy or positive coping mechanisms and assists personally with police and court procedures in child abuse cases.
We help children access government services such as government grants.

ASAP provides the basic shelter of a mattress and blanket to guard against the cold and compromised immunity from sleeping on cold cement floors, in the highland Winters.

We want to give children back their childhood. We want them to play. We provide jungle gyms and other outdoor play equipment so children can play and develop gross motor skills. The after school care programme sees them tackle projects which develop fine motor skills, both essential to healthy development.


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