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Material Support

We welcome donations of any of the following:


  • Art supplies for art school care programmes and holiday workshops
  • Carpets and other furniture for the community care centres
  • Fabric, needles, wool, cotton and thread, sewing machines for the Adolescent Girls Programmes and Gogo’s Groups
  • Heirloom or open pollinated seeds and seedlings
  • Fruit trees and other suitable wind breaks
  • Blankets and mattresses
  • Plates, bowls, cups and cutlery
  • Laptops/computers for training purposes
  • Clothing for women and children
  • Garden tools, hens and related materials, greenhouses to protect crops in inclement weather
  • Gutters, water tanks, wind pumps and boreholes
  • Stationery, learning materials and children’s books, particularly in Sotho and Xhosa
  • A camera