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Drop-In Centres & CBOs

Drop-in centres are at the centre of ASAP’s Model. These spaces are warm and welcoming, providing a safe environment to care for the orphans and vulnerable children of local communities.

Community Based Organisations (CBOs) are based at the drop-in centres, and become registered entities independent of ASAP. They consist of an active board and members who care for the children.

CBOs are based in the rural Eastern Cape district of Matatiele, an area hard hit by HIV AIDs, extreme poverty, child-headed or grandmother-headed households without water, electricity or ablutions. Weather conditions are harsh and the roads near inaccessible, and yet the spirit of volunteerism which sparks the creation of the CBO is a beacon of hope in those communities.

Each drop-in centres eventually comprises a weather appropriate building on an area on average 50m2 x 100m2, organic food garden, play area for the children, dining hall and the women can hold participatory workshops. Each drop-in centre is strategically built in the village and close to schools.

We support Fakisandla CBO (30 OVC – 14 gogos – 4 caregivers) who have an active Gogo’s programme and after school programme where vegetables grown in their organic food garden in Nyanga, Cape Town, is served.

Many other CBOs have moved through the ASAP model to success.