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Community Care Centres

Everyone should have a place to be safe and loved. Our community care centres serve as a safe place where children in rural villages around Matatiele, Eastern Cape, can access broad based holistic care in the truest sense of the word. Over time, as the carers of the community develop their skills, resources and networks, the centres become a resource for the entire community; a shining example of quality child care. Light and bright, the design of the buildings are developed in consultation with community members, with the aesthetic a nod to traditional styles. Locals are taught sustainable building methods and community nominated builders provide the labour to erect the structure.

 Resources within the community care centres include:


A kitchen and dining room

Carers prepare a nutritious daily meal for on average 390 children per day!

A training/meeting area

Community members engage in hands on trainings and facilitated workshops

Space for after school and therapeutic programmes

After school programmes and art workshops provide stimulation and the opportunity for self-expression and creativity

Cupboard Library

Children and adults alike can access books in Xhosa, Sotho and English to improve their literacy and foster a love of reading.

Outdoor play area

A safe space children can play and have fun. Play equipment helps develop gross motor skills.

A food garden & water tanks

Rain water is stored to combat drought and provide water for the garden. We buy locally grown organic produce from the community which is used to feed the vulnerable children. The garden is an example of how to live sustain-ably and combat food insecurity.

An office

Records are safely kept and management have a quite space in which to work.